Recipient Province State/Province Recipient Year Work Info Work Category
Frank Murphy, Michigan 1912 East Michigan CE 1941
Orla B. Taylor, Michigan 1886 East Michigan CE 1941
Leland I. Doan, Michigan 1917 East Michigan CE 1955
Lowell T. Murray, Michigan 1908 East Michigan CE 1963
Peter R. Elliott, Michigan 1947 East Michigan OH 1967
Chalmers W. Elliott, Michigan 1947 East Michigan IA 1967
Dwight E. Beach, Michigan 1930 East Michigan CE 1969
Martin S. Hayden, Michigan 1933 East Michigan CE 1969
Frank M. McHale, Michigan 1914 East Michigan CE 1969
Russell B. Read, Michigan 1935 East Michigan CE 1973
Goff Smith, Michigan 1938 East Michigan CE 1975
Dr. David D. Deweese, MD, Michigan 1934 East Michigan CE 1979
John R. Edman, Michigan 1950 East Michigan CA 1979
David O. Matthews, Ph.D., Michigan 1943 East Michigan VA 1979
Charles M. Thatcher, Ph.D., Michigan 1943 East Michigan MN 1979
Bert A. Getz, Michigan 1959 East Michigan AZ 1981
Robert P. Scherer, Michigan 1927 East Michigan CE 1981
Ralph M. Bahna, Michigan 1964 East Michigan CT 1983
Ronald J. Kramer, Michigan 1957 East Michigan CE 1983
Walter H. Teninga, Michigan 1949 East Michigan FL 1984
John Augustus Ziegler, Jr., Michigan 1955 East Michigan FL 1986
Louis Henry H. T. Dehmlow, III, Michigan 1950 East Michigan CE 1989
George W. Morley, MD, MD, Michigan 1945 East Michigan CE 1989
John W. Madigan, Michigan 1958 East Michigan IL 1990
Thomas F. Olin, Michigan 1952 East Michigan CE 1993
L. Victor Conant, Michigan 1968 East Michigan IL 1996
W. Tom ZurSchmiede, Jr., Michigan 1948 East Michigan MI 2000
Terry A. Barr, Michigan 1957 East Michigan CE 2005 Sports
Dr. John J. H. Schwarz, MD, Michigan 1959 East Michigan MI 2005 Government & Military
Jeffrey A. Rich, Michigan 1982 East Michigan TX 2007

President, Rich Capital

Sanford R. Robertson, Michigan 1954 East Michigan CA 2007

Principal, Francisco Partners

William C. Swaney, Michigan 1960 East Michigan FL 2008

Retired Chairman & CEO, Perrigo Co.

Business & Industry
Frederic M. DeGrandis, Michigan 1972 East Michigan OH 2011

Chairman, Cleveland Clinic Physician Partnership;
and President, Cleveland Clinic Health Network

Business & Industry

About Theta Theta

History of the Theta Theta is long and complex, marked by two and probably three entrances to the University before our most recent charter received on November 14, 2009. By the fall of 1856, just over a year after the formation of Sigma Chi, there was interest by the existing three Chapters to expand to the University of Michigan.

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