Alumni Advisory Board

The support of the community and alumni is critical to the long-term success of the Theta Theta Chapter. With the advisement of community, university and fraternity leaders, local area Sigma Chi alumni now have in place a system of advising which helps the Theta Theta Chapter set a solid foundation for success both now and into the future.

This foundation is the Theta Theta Chapter Advisory Board, made up of alumni members who:

1. Share their expertise with undergraduates and officers of the chapter.
2. Are committed to support the undergraduates, monitor the progress of the chapter, provide counsel, advice, and leadership,
3. Will assist in the direction of the Chapter in areas of concentration that include academics, leadership, recruitment and financial management.
4. Will also provide emphasis on the intangible aspects of fraternalism—Ritual, brotherhood, motivation, unity, caring for one another, and life skills such as health, etiquette and career counseling.
5. Keep current on new and updated ideas, tools and programs.

The chapter advisory board has a separate and distinct function from Theta Theta’s House Corporation, which continues to serve as the landlord and works with chapter officers in house maintenance, renovations and related finances.

Interested in joining the Alumni Advisory Board? Send us an email: [email protected]

About Theta Theta

History of the Theta Theta is long and complex, marked by two and probably three entrances to the University before our most recent charter received on November 14, 2009. By the fall of 1856, just over a year after the formation of Sigma Chi, there was interest by the existing three Chapters to expand to the University of Michigan.

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